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Learn about the different breeds LiLNudists offers

Sphynx true blue_edited.jpg


The Sphynx cat is a hairless, long-legged, long-tailed cat. The Sphynx breed as we know it today can be traced back to the original bloodlines from two kittens born naturally in Toronto Canada.



The Bambino cat is a hairless, short-legged, long-tailed cat. The Bambino breed was founded in 2005. The Bambino is the purposeful breeding between the Sphynx cat and the Munchkin cat which is a breed of cat with the natural, spontaneously occurring gene for short legs.

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The Minskin is a new breed of cat with short legs and fur points on the face, ears, nose, legs, and tail. Our Minskins can range from completely bald to rex coated. They come in both short and long legs.

Rex coat minskin

Rex Coated Minskin

The Rex Coated Minksin has a curly coat and come in both short pictured here, and long legs.

Fur tipped 02_edited.jpg

Fur Tipped Minskin Long Legs

The Fur Tipped Minskin also has long legs with fur tips on the face, ears, nose, legs, and tail

RenderedImage 5.heic

Velvet Minskin

The Velvet Minskins has a very short velvet coat, almost bald, with short legs

IMG_5564 copy_edited.jpg

Rex Coated Minskin Long Legs

The Rex Coated Minskin has a curly coat with long legs. 

RenderedImage 2.heic


Long Legs

The Minskin also comes in long legs and range from completely bald to rex coated. 


Velvet Minskin Long Legs

The Velvet Minskin has a very short velvet coat with long legs.

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